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Virus Removal

Do you suspect your computer has a virus? Is your system running slow? Are your programs crashing or not running? Durango Computer Repair offers virus detection, virus removal, spyware removal and installation of virus protection software. Mobile, Onsite and Remote service available.


Hardware repair, Hardware replacement and Hardware upgrades

Whether your cooling fan has stopped working, or your hard drive needs to be replaced, we can do the job. We offer complete hardware service on all makes and models of computers. If you need to replace existing parts like video cards, ethernet cards or upgrade ram, we can provide mobile or onsite repairs.

Computer Maintenance

It's important to keep your computer hardware clean for optimal performance. We will clean the internal and external parts to maximize the life of your hardware. Aside from keeping the moving parts of your computer working properly, the system needs routine maintenance. We provide, software installation, uninstall, software patches, security patches and system configuration.

If any of your installed devices are not working properly, we will resolve any software or configuration conflicts.

System Recovery

When your system has crashed and won't boot, we can perform a system recovery.

Operating System Install or Recovery

Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems can be installed or recovered by our mobile/onsite service tech.

Data Recovery and Backup

Data recovery is possible even if your hard drive has failed. Our service tech will recover any data from hard drive sectors that are still good. In order to prevent data loss, Durango Computer Repair offers a full system backup. In the event your computer is damaged, lost or stolen, we will be able to restore your files onto your new computer system.

Other Services

  • Home Network Setup, Repair and Security
  • Virtualization Setup and Support
  • Flat Screen TV Repair
  • Iphone and Ipad Repair
  • Technical Support
  • Computer Training
  • For information on any of our services, please contact us (970)403-5455.
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